The word Valdepenas almost means the same as wine. Wine is the product that unites and identifies us in our country and abroad.

Wine is the product that brings us together and identifies us inside and outside our borders.

The wine route of Valdepenas was created in 2018 with the purpose of promoting the tourist resources in the production area of the denomination of origin of Valdepenas.

All this and many more activities around wine than visitors can discover, enjoy and share.

So, in the Wine Route of Valdepenas visitors will find:

  • Big and small wineries that conjugate tradition and modernity in wines with character and personality, made with grapes collected by thousands of farmers, and which have conquered people´s tastes from all over the world.
  • Bars and restaurants that care for the local product with an exquisite and innovative gastronomy and with an extensive and varied culture of tapas.
  • Different types of accommodation as hotels, hostals and rural houses, where visitors can enjoy an experience with their couple, in groups, family or with friends.
  • Museums of paintings, sculptures, and even olive oil, archaeological places, etc. Among all them, the first sample of the wine museum of Castilla- La Mancha, which shows the history of wine-making and wine for adults and children.
  • Do not miss historical places with churches and centenary squares of impressive beauty and singularity.
  • A natural environment with plains and soft hills, marked by the river Jabalon from east to west, the mountains of Despenaperros in the south border, and the highway from Madrid to Andalusia, which is the “artery” that connects with the rest of Spain, as well as the train connections, which was an essential part of the commercial development of our wines some centuries ago.

All this and many more activities around the wine you will be able to discover, enjoy and share.