Around the Denomination of Origin Valdepenas, visitors can enjoy natural paradises as the national park of Las Tablas de Daimiel and the natural parks of Lagunas de Ruidera and the natural park of Despenaperros and other nearby towns of a singular beauty as Almagro and Villanueva de los Infantes.History lovers will also be able to visit some nearby places like the prehistoricsettlement of the Motilla del Azuer in Daimiel or the wonderful palace of Viso del Marqués.In the production area of the Denomination of Origin Valdepenas, visitors can find charming places to eat outdoors, like the natural place of El Peral, just 7 kilometers north from Valdepenas, or enjoy the fishing in the swamp La Cabezuela, or walk through volcanic lands, like the volcano Cerro Gordo in Granatula de Calatrava or the volcano Mesnera in Moral de Calatrava.

Or yoy can enjoy a route theough history in the castle of Mudela, the castle of Calatrava La Nueva or the castle La Estrella in Montiel.

The Jabalon river is one of the most important rivers towards the river Guadiana, crossing the production zone of the denomination of origin Valdepenas from east to west.

In the past, the river jabalón had 3 water mills, of which only one remains today and it is known as “Santiago´s mill”, near the San Blas hill in Moral de Calatrava.

Moral de Calatrava

Moral de Calatrava is has various landscapes of great natural wealth, like Cerro de las Hoyas. In this hill visitors can find marine fossils on a large stone, as a sign of the presence of a sea that covered this area millions of years ago.

San Cristobal´s hill gets its name from the old church dedicated to this saint. It is the closest to the town where vestiges of the middle paleolitic have been found, in zones like the Cueva de la Mora.

There is a natural gap of large stone walls situated between Cerro de las Hoyas and the San Cristobal´s hill, an ideal place to practice climbing. In this place visitors will find a well of natural water known as Pocico Del Caño.

Peñalva is one of the most beautiful places of Moral de Calatrava, by its abundant fauna and flora. Located in Sierra Prieta environment, it has large vertical walls to practice climbing.

The peak of the Mesnera was the last volcano with activity in the area. In 1575 it finished its volcanic activity, with small explosions. The rocks that compose this volcano are quartzite and slate. It is situated at 920 meters of altitude.

To the south, and very close to Moral de Calatrava there are 3 small lakes. These are geographical accidents of volcanic origin that are formed in a heavy rainfall period, They are integrated in the European Natura 2000 network.




Tablas de Daimiel
Lagunas de Ruidera